Written by Grady Harp

“Denise Donatelli is definitely up for another Grammy consideration for this superb CD of her stylish, right-in-the-middle-of-perfect vocals on this fully polished and professional CD simply titled SOUL SHADOWS – and a more perfect title would be hard to find. The first song on the CD (of ten varied and fascinatingly blended stylistic variations) sets the tone for this beautiful and gifted artist – ‘All or Nothing at All’ – describes her current stature in the jazz world. Donatelli elects to incorporate her voice within the context of her ensemble – she keeps the backgrounds small and is graced with the presence of Music Director/accompanist Geoffrey Keezer who continues to allow the singer to be enmeshed in the total effect of the music and the lyrics.

Of the many superb cuts on this CD among the best are `All or Nothing At All’ – a mystical Afro-Peruvian arrangement with potent solos by Keezer and acoustic guitarist Ramon Stagnaro, ‘Soul Shadows’ ,`Ocean’, the mesmerizing `Postcards and Messages’, `Two late Now’ – a rich duet by Donatelli with Keezer as her sole accompanist, and, well, all of them! Denise Donatelli owns a magnificent voice with a very wide range and is so at home in every style she approaches that she both excites and soothes with every note she sings. She is as fine as they come – beautiful, talented, and a committed artist on every level.”