What Lies Within (2008)


Denise Donatelli
Label: Savant Records
Release Date: 2008

“Riches in talent song and swing. Every aspect here is a treasure to appreciate, enjoy and just swallow up. It´s a feast for the ears and heart. Producer/pianist Geoffrey Keezer has put together a musical framework that illuminates and resonates beautifully with Donatelli’s incredible vocal instrument. Donatelli not only shines there, but also, sparkles spectacularly throughout this entire CD. Hers is a highly unique voice of grace, swing and style. Donatelli’s tasteful approach is never overbearing. Her sense of pitch is as precise as an atomic clock. Donatelli’s vocal touch here is so yearning. Her interpretation and interaction with the words are never heavy. Each syllable is milked just so. Donatelli’s keen sense of pitch and nuance makes her unison forays here virtually instrumental – in both senses of the word. …simply a spectacular and very special musical effort. Donatelli will move and groove you.”
~ Nick Mondello, Jazz Improv

Geoffrey Keezer – piano, arranger
Hamilton Price – bass
Marvin “Smitty” Smith – drums
Peter Sprague – guitar
Bob Sheppard – reeds
Carl Saunders – trumpet
Carlos Del Rosario – organ
Giovanna Clayton – cello
Alex Acuna – percussion

Copyright 2015 Denise Donatelli