When Lights are Low (2010)

2 Grammy Nominations!
Best Jazz Vocal Album and
Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist for Don’t Explain

Denise Donatelli
Label: Savant Records
Release Date: 2010

The singing of Denise Donatelli is particularly remarkable, since her style is able to employ the positive aspects of both unbridled scat-singing and lyrical balladry. Of special note is the rich timbre of Donatelli’s voice, which has the clarity and flexibility to sing almost any imaginable genre from pop/blues to operatic aria. With musical direction by Geoffrey Keezer and the participation of musicians such as Ingrid Jensen, Hamilton Price and others, Denise Donatelli here shows herself to be a talent who belongs in the upper echelon of modern jazz vocalists.

Musical Direction by Geoffrey Keezer

Denise Donatelli, vocals
Geoffrey Keezer, piano
Peter Sprague, guitar
Hamilton Price, bass
Jon Wikan, drums, percussion
Ingrid Jensen, flugelhorn
Ron Blake, tenor and soprano sax
Phil O’Connor, bass clarinet
Susan Wulff, double bass
Giovanna Clayton, cello
Roland Kato, viola
Alma Lisa Fernandez, viola
Matthew Duckles, viola
Julia Dollison, background vocals
Kerry Marsh, background vocals

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